Academic Videos

According to WCAG success criterion 1.2.2, all recorded videos need accurate, synchronized captions to meet the baseline of accessibility requirements.

Videos that are created for teaching and learning and are not shared publicly are categorized as “academic videos.” Learning Environments and OIT support two main platforms for creating and sharing academic videos in your Canvas courses:

This guide is limited to asynchronous video recordings that are available to students enrolled in your courses. For more guidance with basic techniques, and techniques for public video recordings and live video conferencing, see the following links.


To get started, add new media to Kaltura My Media and wait for the captions file to finish processing.

All videos uploaded to your Kaltura 'My Media' will receive automatic closed captions and transcripts. Automatic captions are only roughly 75% to 85% accurate. To make captions truly accessible, the accuracy should be improved to about 99%.

Use the Kaltura Captions Editor to improve the accuracy of automatic captions. Note that automatic captions are currently limited to English and Spanish.

Using Kaltura in Canvas

Editing Automatic Captions


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