Self-Paced Training

There is a lot to know about creating accessible content, learning experiences, and cultivating a practice of inclusion for people with disabilities. We can start by prioritizing learning about what you can directly influence. For example, do you teach using PowerPoint frequently? Learn how to create or fix slide decks so everyone can equally read/use them. Are you responsible for marketing materials within your department? Review the features in Microsoft Word for how to ensure documents are created with accessibility in mind.

Level Access Academy

Our digital accessibility vendor partner Level Access offers on-demand courses and curated learning paths to support content creators, site owners, developers, and others at Rice. As part of the systematic rollout of the Level Access product, some departments and teams with high-priority web content will have access to Academy seats.

Any Rice department is welcome to contact us at to discuss getting your team into Academy and assigning out role-based training and certification.

Some examples within the course catalog of the Level Access Academy:

  • Integrating accessibility into development for Web Developers
  • Testing with Screen Readers - A User-flow Case Study
  • What's New in WCAG 2.2
  • Accessible Documents Overview
  • Communication and Sensitivity for Customer Service Representatives
  • Creating Accessible Emails
  • Disability Etiquette & more!

Recorded Rice Webinars

Check out the list of previously held training webinars we held live, recorded, and made available to watch at any time. Here are a few highlights:

Recommended Free Courses

  • W3C The Digital Accessibility Foundations online course covers principles from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web content accessibility guidelines and much more. Course available in edX, the full course is 16-20 hours to complete.
  • Accessibility fundamentals learning path from Microsoft includes an introduction to disability and accessibility, Microsoft accessibility features and tools, creating accessible content with Microsoft 365, and creating accessible and inclusive content for mobile apps.
  • Self-guided courses for Educators from Teach Access are free, self-paced courses for educators that introduce disability and the principles of accessible design across various disciplines. In addition, they guide educators on how to start teaching accessibility in their courses.