Microsoft PowerPoint

Get familiar with the Microsoft Accessibility Checker [official guide].
Use it as a guide when designing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files.

PowerPoint Quick Tips

  • Distribute your slide deck ahead of time.
  • Choose built-in slide layouts. Text boxes you add to layouts will not appear in Outline View.
  • Use the Slide Master to modify slide layouts.
  • Add alt text to all graphics.
  • Use captions for complex graphics.
  • Give each slide a unique title even if it’s a continuation of the previous slide.
  • Make sure embedded videos include closed or open captions. Use .VTT format in PowerPoint.
  • Use the Reading Order panel by arranging objects from bottom to top.
  • Ensure links are descriptive.
  • Use 24pt-28pt minimum text formatting.
  • Include table headers.
  • Use the 7x7 rule: no more than seven bullets or seven lines of text per slide, and no more than seven words per line.

PowerPoint Resources