Microsoft Excel

Get familiar with the Microsoft Accessibility Checker [official guide].
Use it as a guide when designing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files.

Excel Quick Tips

  • Name worksheets.
  • Use cell A1 as the title of the spreadsheet.
  • Data formatted as tables needs descriptive headers.
  • Name the table.
  • Use chart titles and labels.
  • Remove blank rows/columns.
  • Empty cells include “no data.”
  • Alt text for images, charts, and tables.
  • Use alt text in cells where color is the only way to convey meaning (conditional formatting.)
  • Formatting emphasis, ALL CAPS and strikethrough not perceivable to some users.
  • Link to other sheets for keyboard-only users.
  • Adjust text wrapping and column width to improve readability of all cell data.
  • Avoid hiding rows and columns.
  • Alert users with text where frozen panes are active.

Excel Resources