Lindsay's Experience

CSWGS Feminist Approaches to Inclusive, Remote Pedagogy

The Access Team generously delivered a presentation, “Digital Accessibility + Inclusive Presentations,” for our workshop, “Feminist Approaches to Inclusive, Remote Pedagogy,” hosted by The Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (CSWGS). They then also shared numerous additional resources for our attendees to consider as we prepared our syllabi , our course materials, and ourselves for remote teaching in Fall 2020. Our attendees remarked with praise and gratitude on the depth and engagement of their presentation, as they both described specific ways we could make a virtual environment inclusive for all of our students and demonstrated how such features would look and feel. Through their visual and oral demonstration, The Access Team was able to enrich our understanding of what digital accessibility truly means and how we could apply such principles in our classrooms. The way in which they framed their discussion of accessibility was illuminating and empowering, their examples, concrete and actionable. Theirs was one of the most informative and transformative short presentations I have attended, and my teaching and presentation style have been meaningfully and permanently impacted.