Our Team

John’s portrait: a man with a short beard and quaffed hair wearing a blue suit and gray tie smiles for the camera.

John Williams (he/him)
Digital Information Accessibility Coordinator

John joined Rice in February 2019. He is based in Learning Environments on the Teaching and Scholarly Learning team.
John has a decade of experience as a technology trainer. He holds a Master of Science in Learning Technologies and Instructional Systems Design from the University of North Texas (UNT) and his background is in the Humanities. John is also a certified accessibility specialist through the Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA).

As the Digital Accessibility Coordinator, John supports all members of the Rice community who create and share digital information in public and academic contexts. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to learn more about individual and group training opportunities.

Learning Environments (LE)

Learning Environments is a dynamic department of three teams working to support teaching and learning technologies across the University. Contact Learning Environments at teaching@rice.edu.

Teaching & Scholarly Learning (TSL)

Phone: 713-348-7260
TSL provides front-end support for all enterprise applications used in online and blended courses, including Canvas, Kaltura, Zoom, Poll Everywhere and more.

Learning Spaces (LS)

Phone: 713-348-7250
LS provides front-end support for all classroom technology, including Crestron panels, monitors, cameras, microphones and more.

Student Systems (SS)

SS manages and maintains the student enterprise resource planning system, as well as other services related to room scheduling, course management, financial aid and more.

Collaborating Departments

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Website: https://drc.rice.edu/
Email: adarice@rice.edu
Phone: 713-348-5888

The DRC assists Rice students, faculty, staff, and visitors with accommodation requests to help ensure equal access and opportunity. The DRC Director is the ADA Coordinator, as well as the chair of the Strategic Committee for Accessibility.

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

Website: https://cte.rice.edu/
Email: cte@rice.edu
Phone: 713-348-2929

The CTE seeks to transform teaching through mentoring, innovative practices, collaboration, scholarship, and advocacy. The CTE actively engages faculty, staff, students, and community partners, and brings them into conversation to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.

Rice Online Learning (ROL)

Website: https://online.rice.edu/
Email: riceonline@rice.edu
Phone: 713-348-8700

ROL furthers the University’s commitment to teaching and research excellence by delivering quality education in and beyond the classroom. ROL works hand-in-hand with faculty to drive the latest innovations in digital education to ensure unsurpassed teaching and learning in a digital environment.